The Group 352 Indoor Drumline performs throughout central FL at competitions and community events. The field show this group performs takes many levels of financial support for staffing, design, field props, costuming, field equipment, transportation, and operational expenses. We start every indoor season with a fundraising goal of over $20,000. To raise this money, students are asked to be involved in many fundraising activities.

Students are asked to contribute/fundraise a fair share amount of $550 each.

One of the best and most effective ways students can raise money is by acquiring sponsorships that go directly toward the amount needed to be raised by the student. Most fundraisers only give up to 50% profit and the consumer gets some type of product in return. With a sponsorship, 100% of the money goes toward the needs of the student. If you would like to be a sponsor, please fill out the lower portion of this letter and return it with a check to the address listed below. Any amount will greatly benefit our program. Thank you for your continued support!

All Sponsors will be recognized in our community events, newsletters, and handouts with a donation of $50 or more!

Printable Donation Form